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5 Ways to Deal With Dental Anxiety

5 Ways to Deal With Dental Anxiety

Did you know that three out of ten Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety?  This is not only among some of our children but the numbers include us, adults, too.

There are plenty of causes for dental anxiety, such as syringes needles, the drill, the pain, the embarrassment of having their bad teeth seen by somebody else, or even sedation itself.

Here are some tips on how to deal with your dental anxiety:

Express Your Anxiety

There is nothing better than talking with the dentist or the dental assistant regarding your anxiety.  This will allow them to think of multiple ways to optimize your comfort. In addition, you get to ask your dentist what to expect — will the needle feel like a mosquito bite?  Will, you be needing a pain killer prior to or after? Are you highly tolerant to pain?

Moreover, talk to the dentist to prior to the actual check or procedure so you can agree on various hand signals, as this will help you by telling the dental team that you are fine or uncomfortable.


There is nothing better than talking with the dentist or the dental assistant regarding your anxiety.  This will allow them to think of multiple ways to optimize your comfort.


Set Yourself in a Good Environment on the Day of the Appointment

Get a good and relaxing appointment schedule.  Getting an appointment during non-working days, when you are the most relaxed, is a good way to set you in a more relaxed environment when you get to the dental office.

Be in the company of someone that soothes you.  Get yourself accompanied by a loved one whom you find the most comfortable with will also help you set up a more comforting dental appointment.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Sometime after your appointment setting and before the appointment time, make sure you avoid eating food that will worsen teeth problems, such as foods high in sugar.  Additionally, avoid taking caffeine on the day of the appointment. Instead, eat high-protein foods and take tea rather than coffee, as these can bring about a soothing effect.


Learn about breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation

Learn breathing techniques and practice meditation.  You can even do yoga. These types of activity not only help reduce anxiety during dental visits, but they are also useful for dealing with the daily grind.


Seek Professional Help

Seeking professional help is not just about consulting with a psychotherapist or joining in a support group that is headed by a psychologist.  It also means getting an awesome and considerate dentist who highly understands their patients.

The dentist has to be backed up by a fantastic support team who will help make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  This includes staff who are warm, accommodating and concerned that they do not mind checking out your condition and help lessen your anxiety.  In addition, the dental office has to be fully equipped with the innovation that will make the dental procedure as quick and as painlessly as possible, and at the same time warm and relaxing if in case you need to wait for your turn during your appointment.

Triangle Family Dentistry

Fortunately, Triangle Family Dentistry has Sedation Dentistry, which includes a wide coverage of techniques, innovation, and a patient-friendly atmosphere that allows you to remain relaxed and reduce all your dental fears and anxiety during the entire dental procedure.  The service also includes Sedation IV, which gives you optimum comfort that an entire lengthy dental procedure can seem so short. In addition, they monitor the heart and breathing closely to ensure their patients’ optimum health and safety.

Dental anxiety is real, but it is not without hope.  The important thing is to be open about it and to communicate it with the dentist of your choice.

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