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Learn How Our Dental Exams in Wake Forest North Carolina Are Eco-Friendly

Learn How Our Dental Exams in Wake Forest North Carolina Are Eco-Friendly

Many businesses are striving to find ways to be more earth friendly, and our dental practice is no exception. When you set up an appointment for our dental exams in Wake Forest North Carolina, you can rest assured that our practice is doing everything we can to help keep the planet healthy. Check out some of the step swe’ve been taking to lower our impact on the environment:

  • A building that’s built to be green. We use a high efficiency HVAC system that uses less energy to heat and cool our building. We use no VOC paint on our walls in order to keep down indoor air pollution as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. And all the cabinets, doors, and trim in our office is built from renewable sources so it has less impact on the environment.

  • An office that creates less waste. We’ve taken steps like using digital radiographs instead of lead film, and all of your records are digital so we don’t have to waste paper by printing records out your chart. We’re almost 100% paper free, and what paper we do use we recycle.

We’re proud to be a dentist that cares about the environment! We hope that when you come into our Wake Forest North Carolina office for your dental exams, you’ll be proud of what we’re doing, too. Find out more about our commitment to the environment on our website, and make your appointment with us today. We’re looking forward to seeing you in our office soon!

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